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6 years ago#11
Wait? You pay $10 a month for Live? Did I read that right? I pay $50 per year. I thought that was the same price for everyone.
6 years ago#12
i don't think he's trolling. it's tough out there right now. i know a lot of people who have cancelled services such as live and even the internet. even though it's only a few measly dollars a month, for some people that adds up. no need to be a jerk about it.
5 years ago#13

got to this topic late but calling Assassins Creed Brotherhood an expansion is funny and the reason given about it being the same Assassin is funny too. Guess all sequels that use the same character again cant be real sequels.

AC Brotherhood is very similar to AC2 but it expanded and has a lot of nice little game play changes, as well as being a HUGE game and giving me 30 hours and i still haven't done everything, and some awesome multiplayer added as well. This is not some cash in, its part 2 of AC2, and the stuff they couldn't put into AC2. If Brotherhood would have been in AC2 then that game would have been ridiculous, and would have to beeen 2 discs at least.

Now on topic, the reason i think this is online is because of sales. Its probably cheaper to put the file up on XBL than to create the casing and disc for a DVD, also sales, i doubt the disc version would sell anywhere as much as the online version.

"What Doesn't Kill you usually succeeds in a second attempt" - Mr. Krabs
5 years ago#14
you don't need gold to download this. Silver is free
Mavrickindigo on rphaven.org
5 years ago#15

I think your parent's first priority is getting you an english tutor.

5 years ago#16
you don't need gold to download this. Silver is free

Plus first time become Live member get Gold Account for one month FREE!
Yes, despite his grammar I can tell he's quite intelligent. He's also always willing to help others who play this game. I too appreciate that. ~Golden_Key33
5 years ago#17

It will probably be a couple of hours long you know.

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