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I beat this, should I get Case Zero? (Archived)Sonumb9231/6/2011
Camera zombrex prod b (Archived)liuu11/6/2011
Do survivors disappear after a new case opens up? (Archived)LuminousSpark51/6/2011
Easter Eggs, Allusions etc. (Archived)HorrorSindicate51/6/2011
Do you need the original copy of DR2 to play Case West? (Archived)NIK1278741/6/2011
No wonder you never get to decide to play as Frank (Archived)
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this was more story heavy and better then i thought it would be (Archived)ZmLilaPanic21/6/2011
What is more important to you, a future DR where you can play as a girl... (Archived)SuperShadowAce81/6/2011
*VIDEOS* Case West Walkthrough (Archived)theRadBrad21/6/2011
Co-Op Help (Archived)Stephen_Ngin21/6/2011
Impossible to go back and play DR1 (Archived)
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Ninja, Football Player.... (Archived)NbAlIvEr1000031/5/2011
Frank West and Chuck Greene, who's better? (in their own games) (Archived)
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they should of held this off for Dead Rising 3 in a whole new setting (Archived)ZmLilaPanic21/5/2011
End credits music? What the heck was that? (Archived)
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is this worth 800 ms points? (Archived)OVERLORD18691/5/2011
Co-op Achievement Help (Archived)-John_Connor-11/4/2011
So what is... (Archived)Fritzenwalden11/4/2011
About Frank: doesn't anyone else think... (Archived)Keith_da_Hybrid31/4/2011
why 12:58? (Archived)Re4_fr3ak21/4/2011
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