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3 years ago#1
since you have to be top 100 to view master ninja leaderboards i'm curious to see the score you need to have to be top 100.


A. please indicate if you are in top 100
B.your score
C.your time

A.i'm not in top 100
B. score is 2,096,098
C. time is 4:52:54
3 years ago#2
A. not sure what my rank is
B. 2335128
C. 4:56:01
3 years ago#3
Bs I'm looking at it right now and for us that beat it and it fail to upload got screwed with my score I would rank 23 in leaderboard

2076850 was my score
PSN: vazquezadan
3 years ago#4
It put my on leaderboards now but with a score less then what I originally got
PSN: vazquezadan
3 years ago#5
My MNM karma score: 2171562
Time: 5:28:15

I would rank 17th but "upload failed" error won't allow it.
PSN: mustain21
3 years ago#6
Time: 5:17:45
Karma: 2449407

If my upload hadn't failed, I'd be 2nd on the boards. I did just do another replay from my last Save and manage to upload successfully, but that score was only within the 242's, so I'll probably only be 3rd at best. Damn this game!
3 years ago#7

5hr 27m

not uploaded since finished it b4 leaderboards were active
PSN: Vletnam-
PSN#2: Vietnam1 (Street Fighter)
3 years ago#8
A. I'm in the top 60
B. 1,958,251
C. Total time was 6:35:14
PSN - kevlartheillest
3 years ago#9
I was #9 yesterday, then 10, then 13 I think. I'll continue falling until I disappear off that board. LOL

I think my latest was 2,218,XXX
PSN: mustain21
(message deleted)
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