You could at least get creative with the Trials, my god its the same thing.

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3 years ago#1
master trials 6-10 are basically the same thing

its just "hey fight this boss. Oh you beat him, well fight him again, oh well you beat him twice how about 2 at the same time, ok you beat him how about a different boss, oh you beat him, well fight him again"


its the same waves of enemies too

classic fiends

^and they throw in that floating reaper thing just because

at least the trials in the old games had style. You fought different bosses. Then Hayashi just said, hey lets put 3 fiend genshins in to lag the screen, have fun gamers!!! (we still beat it but thats not the point)

UN01, its not that its hard. Theres just bull**** things holding us back sometimes.
Why you have to fight 8 Genshins, the world may never know. BUT ITS DUMB!!!!

1- Camera - F U
2- Targeting system - Random kils/loses are fun right? NO!!!!
3- Tree glitch - simply put, you cant move unless you jump or get hit,
4- Small*** stage - iv'e said this before in NGS2, why we fighting 3 boss on a small stage? expecially when clearly other stages would be a perfect fit for it like MN04's stage
5- the first 6 Genshins - First of all Random AI bosses are BULL****. (you hit them when the game wants you to, and they defend randomly), We can beat them np, but we're doing the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER. For what? We beat the boss why not just move on to the next. If thats the case why not just make 1 boss with a larger health bar (oh wait, theres no health bar?!?!?!?),
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3 years ago#2
Because making different Bosses or even being creative with the challenges would cost some rare thing once known as "developer work" and that is beyond any expectations for the developers of this POS game.

And I totally agree.

Beside I would just want to find Hayashi and tell him:

"Look idiot we are ***** tired of fighting the same ****** Genshin again and again and again in this **** game so the next time I beat these 8 ***** Genshins I will collect these 8 ***** Blades of the Archfiend and will insert them all 8 times in your ****** behind"

seriously I still in rage of how he could kill Ninja Gaiden.
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3 years ago#3
These trials are the same thing as the old missions from 1 and 2, just not as many and missing an "eternal legend" style mission, and the ones where you just have one weapon and like endless enemies, Karma missions. Other than that hows it different? Its like this
NG1/NG2-- Multiple enemy waves (Ninjas, Soldiers, Cats)... Multi booses, same (3 ryus)... Multi Boss, diff (Doku & Alma)
NG3-- See above.
The only difference I know is normaly on 1 or 2 you just start and theres enemies with the boss and you go... On 3 you have to kill the waves and then the boss with or without minnions. And having 8 Genshins or 10 Hayabusas is there cause its now co-op. I dont mind... Cant beat them but dont mind, lol.
I would like to have an Eternal Legend style one though, it was like a mini game.
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3 years ago#4
I loved NGB blacks eternal legend. It had a mini story and gave you a sense of progression since you weren't restricted to a single room. They also gave you bosses to fight that didn't show on SP.

Would be cool if they brought it back, but that's obviously too much work compared to the single level trials they have atm.
3 years ago#5
"Take it Easy" track that plays between each mission on Eternal Legend was sick!!

Was so happy they implemented it in NGS during Survival and after you beat Hydracubas the 2nd time.

Easily my favourite track in the game.
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3 years ago#6
Each mission from NGB I remember had multiple difficulties each (technically creating 200 mission settings).
3 years ago#7
Yea most of them were awful.
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3 years ago#8
The UN trials will never be fun, enjoyable or even TOLERABLE until:

-leveling up past 50+ makes a difference with damage/HP(but cap it for clan battle)

-you should be allowed to continue if your partner dies.

-if you die so quickly, the stages should reload quickly: after you're out of continues and you retry, there's no need to be bumped back to the menu to pick the stage again....srsly wtfh.

-either partner can pause the game (honestly, I wouldn't mind waiting if the other guy had to piss or answer the phone).

And one final thing I spam EVERYWHERE in hopes of it catching on is that they should make Ryu's SP missions playable in SOTW, but broken up into chapters without cutscenes.

I'd much rather level up my ninja by exploring stages, fighting dinosaurs, and jumping off helicopters, instead of running back and forth spamming IDs until one guy grabs you and kills you with one shot. =/

Costume unlocks should happen in this mode as well...because I can't see the multiplayer scene lasting more than a month and a half on here. Once the scene is dead, all the MP content/costumes on the disc that you PAID for will be unavailable after that.

More than anything this game reminds me of why Dark Souls was so good. The online didn't compensate for the game, it actually complimented it.
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  3. You could at least get creative with the Trials, my god its the same thing.

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