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Cool story - this game gave me massive feels. (Archived)Rudra_Storm112/9 2:15AM
About the game's story (Archived)Zantetsuken_1423/10/2013
Why does my chain reset after killing a boss? (Archived)WebsandWigs31/21/2013
Loved this game on Saturn (Archived)smegpot17/8/2012
this was a day one purchase... (Archived)climaxlanders72/22/2012
Picking this up since its onsale... (Archived)
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I'm a NOOB at this game but..... (Archived)GunstarBlue11/13/2012
No posts for a while? No one's playing? (Archived)ModestLife311/24/2011
FAQs for Radiant Silvergun: Go to Saturn listings (Archived)ModestLife111/19/2011
Something wrong with the music? (Archived)Kilik79110/14/2011
Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga, Guardian Heroes are great 360 exclusives now. (Archived)Ikaruga_DC710/10/2011
IN-DEPTH SCORING TIPS- yes, you too can start extending today! (Archived)ICO_KID910/10/2011
is there a maximum number of bonus lives for Story Mode? (Archived)mettlegear210/9/2011
Treasure > Cave (Archived)Ikaruga_DC1010/7/2011
Good read - While a little out of date (Archived)Ikaruga_DC110/7/2011
Does some parts of the game feel incomplete to anyone? (Warning: Story spoilers) (Archived)AmethystViper710/6/2011
Can someone please shed some light on the level numbering? (Archived)BFBeast666510/5/2011
shmup fans, did you know...? (Archived)SorcererLance510/3/2011
I don't think anyone bought this who didn't already know about it. (Archived)
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"Destroy all bosses with a 100% destruction" Achievement (Archived)Rai_Katsushiro710/1/2011
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