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HD re-releases of ALL the Panzer Dragoon games. (Archived)GreenKnight12717/15/2013
Not coming to 360 anymore...? (Archived)Shamrock9926/14/2013
Now I wonder if this will be a launch title for the new xbox. (Archived)Winterglaive14/27/2013
How can they already have a sequel planned? (Archived)GreenKnight12713/15/2013
DEMO Gameplay. (Archived)RiCKstyle92/14/2013
Why not just call it Panzer Dragoon Orta 2 ? (Archived)DianeSELWYN200131/21/2013
never released, will we ever see this game???!? (Archived)X_Masquerade_X912/26/2012
Seems like it will be released soon for Kinect Arcade (Archived)teehee23212/9/2012
Crimson Dragon Side Story (windows phone game) (Archived)Legeon8679/30/2012
Answer to Folken_de_Fanel's Response to my earlier thread... (Archived)Shamrock9939/27/2012
Crimson Dragon 2 (Archived)Legeon8649/19/2012
Chances of this coming to PS3? (Archived)GreenKnight12749/9/2012
Answer to Shamrock99's "In Response to: Will Team Andromeda ever learn..." (Archived)Folken_de_Fanel18/19/2012
I really hope they reconsider the Kinect only controls. (Archived)
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June 27 is the real date? Or is that an old one (Archived)ACmaster3777/10/2012
anyone know if this can be played without a kinnect? (Archived)
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In Response to: "Will Team Andromeda/Sega Ever Learn From Their Big Mistakes?" (Archived)
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Potentially great game wasted on awful kinect. (Archived)Ikaruga_DC36/21/2012
Some new PAX East 2012 footage on YouTube (Archived)
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Delayed indefinitely. (Archived)X_Masquerade_X66/14/2012
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