Update on Mechwarrior Reboot 14.09.11

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Hi everyone.

I just started reading this forum a few days ago and it looks very interesting, so I felt I would share an interesting theory. I'm really sad there is no great mecha game for the xbox 360 or any console for that matter. I miss Chromehounds a lot and it's really disappointing they removed it from xbox live servers. Armored Core really isn't my thing, I prefer more of a MechWarrior type of game. I am one of the few that enjoyed MechAssault 1 and 2 for the old xbox, unlike most hardcore MechWarrior fans. I played Front Mission Evolved and the community died because of, in my opinion "bad matchmaking with random teams and not allowing you play with your friends". So that's basically my mecha career.

Anyway, I was reading over at MechAssault / MaCommunity. One of the veteran players and forum posters had an interesting theory that I feel is worth sharing here. Basically it involves MechWarrior Reboot and Bungies new shell company Podophobia Entertainment. It includes Jordan Weisman and his work with Halo's marketing campaign. So here is the link if you care to read it... http://www.macommunity.net/c6-s-crazy-musings-vf33-vt2280-vp19074.html?sid=44f46ed58bf7b80b5931db99e708d4e9#p19074 and link to the Podophobia counter with 2 days left. http://www.podophobiaentertainment.com/
Podophobia is a fear of feet according to http://psychology.socialsciencedictionary.com/s/Podophobia

So long story short, I would just keep an eye on MechWarrior Reboot for the next few days regarding any further advances. I can't think of a game that would offer a fear of feet other than being stepped on by a big mech.
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is mechwarrior 5 never coming out? is it that Harmony Gold ****?