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worth it? (Archived)Xbox-36O24/16/2014
Fire Pro Wrestling is on sale again (Archived)Porcupine14/11/2014
Ex Shooting Star Press (Archived)kananite008817/26/2013
In regards to hating quitters post..... (Archived)FangsWralh25/12/2013
So, I Can Only Create Male Characters? (Archived)motosada62/4/2013
The last Avatar reward isnt glitched (Archived)
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Who the heck has the EX Dragon Suplex (Archived)addicted2ink512/25/2012
hate quitters! (Archived)addicted2ink512/24/2012
1 on 3 match advice (Archived)grecords312/23/2012
Wouldn't a rapid fire controller make you invincible in this game? (Archived)Porcupine112/23/2012
Post here your gamer tag if you got this recently or are active in this game (Archived)DEATHGOD_XIII412/20/2012
Fire Pro Wrestling is finally going on sale! (Archived)Porcupine412/19/2012
How to do grapples to a downed opponent (Archived)grecords212/15/2012
I'm a little afraid to ask... but what's the difference between this and FPR? (Archived)Skeif13610/25/2012
This is some of the worst netcode I've ever seen and I grew up playing on 28k (Archived)CalistoCoon210/20/2012
Favorite move you've unlocked so far? (Archived)morning_red210/19/2012
Avatar Award clothes glitched? (Archived)Porcupine710/18/2012
So what's the best way to do stats in this game? (Archived)CalistoCoon310/16/2012
Who to pin for unlocking a move... (Archived)Mitch662410/16/2012
This is the best Fire Pro game yet! (Archived)
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