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Is there a character creation?

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5 years ago#1
I really like the DW series, I find it lots of fun, even though I only played DW 4: Empire, but it had a character creation, where you could create a character and go through your own personal story, will this game have something similar?
5 years ago#2
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5 years ago#3
1. You like the entire series, even though you only played one of them?

2. This board seriously needs a sticky.
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5 years ago#4
^^^ lol agree
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5 years ago#5
I searched before I posted, it came back with 0 results. and yes I like the entire series, the whole series is all similar, I played the other DW types of games aswell.
5 years ago#6
I don't mean to sound like an ass cause I don't mean it that way but if you search "CAW" for create a warrior you get four results. But yeah it's no big deal to have another topic, plenty of things on these boards get multiple topics. The important thing here is that no there is no create a character feature in this game. It is a fun feature even if all it really does is create yet another clone and most likely fictional character for the game. My CAW's are my favorite characters to use in DW6: Empires.
5 years ago#7
ya, it's still a fun game anyway, I played DW was it 4 or 5 can't remember, empries, I played it lots, I had so much fun playing the game, and empires is only an expansion, so I can't imagine how fun the full game will be.

also in the search I typed in character creation.
5 years ago#8
Yeah using terms like "character creation" doesn't seem to work out a lot on these boards. People like to use their acronyms too much.
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