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5 years ago#1
So...I saw a video of someone getting Red Hare using Lu Bu and I couldn't help but notice that they had two of the same weapons. The one you do the rare Halberd for (Lu Bu's Ult. weapon). I did it a few times and I got nothing aside from the original time I did it. I'm trying to get a second one for Lu Bu like they had it. I just don't see how though. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
5 years ago#2
The Treasure Battle: [Weapon] missions are just the level 6 or 7 weapons. There are three or four more levels of weapons after that.

He was probably using one of the level 7-10 weapons that had the same model. You get those the further along you go in the game.

I'm about 60% done with Conquest mode now and got about 80% of the weapons. Buying whatever was available at the Merchants when they were in cities and buying every available weapon as the weapon dealers had them made new ones show up.

In order to get the highest level weapons, get all the previous levels 1-9 and have a character that has the 'Blacksmith' skill. They can then purchase the true final weapons from Merchants.

Once you get a few final weapons, they then also become available from the Weapons Dealer as well.
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5 years ago#3
I see, so basically I should be looking towards getting the lvls 1-9 and the others will come as I go..so aside from the original I get from the Battle Mission the others I would have to get through the merchant? And if I'm playing as Lu Bu do switch over to someone who has blacksmithing ability from time to time and try to buy things? So in short there's no specific battles anymore to get it correct? Sorry about all the questions it just seems you have much and detailed info and I'm very interested so I thank you in advance also for the previous answer.
5 years ago#4
Sorry for the delay, didn't even notice the reply.

There are weapons that can only be obtained through battles, and those are legendary weapon battles. I believe they tend to be level 7 weapons.

Everything else can be found on the field randomly or through the merchant or weapons dealer. To purchase the final level weapons, just switch to someone who has the Blacksmith skill, walk into town and buy what you like.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
GT: lJustAlexl (those are lowercase Ls)
5 years ago#5
His level 7 weapon has the most attack power 50, but too bad it doesn't have element,and only come with 3 slots.
5 years ago#6
the smithing weapons are unlocked at the weapons dealer as soon as you have enough fame for it. i have 0 smithing weapons and they are all avaliable at the shop for me. they started to show up when i had around 250k or so fame
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