My amazon order disappeared?

#1illuminisPosted 10/3/2011 6:48:54 PM
I preordered in May, an hour ago it was still under 'Open Orders' with the status of 'Not yet shipped'. I just checked 'Open Orders' and it says 'no orders found'! What the heck, is this part of processing or something? I see a pending charge on my credit card too. I definitely didn't click anything or cancel or anything!! What should I do?
#2BeefyNukesPosted 10/3/2011 6:50:37 PM
You're probably fine.

To be safe, call Amazon support.

They explain that rerelease games have iffy shipping UPDATES.

They're shipped, it's just they don't update the shipping status. I posted a link to another topic about Amazon on this page. Check it out or search "Amazon" here. A guy called them and got an answer that basically said "Yea, we havent updated you status, but it's shipped".
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#3xamySxPosted 10/3/2011 6:51:51 PM
Top left of your open orders there is a pulldown menu to check orders place in the last 6 months or in 2011. chances are your order has been shipped. Once shipped they are no longer under "Open Orders" Go check there?
#4illuminis(Topic Creator)Posted 10/3/2011 6:52:46 PM
Alright thanks I found it, yeah it counts as an order placed more than 30 days ago. Thanks, I'll see you guys online!