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5 years ago#1
What order do you do the levels in? Ive beaten the two Gargoyles and went to the Catacombs and im getting my butt kicked did i go to the wrong place?
5 years ago#2
Check the wiki. There is a picture in the walkthrough section (on the left) that breaks down the paths you can take from beginner to advanced
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5 years ago#3
Doesnt list the catacombs or the tomb of the giants (where i am now).
5 years ago#4

Can you link the picture?

5 years ago#5

Can you link the picture?

5 years ago#6
How do you get to the Catacombs? Is it after Anor Lando?
5 years ago#7
The catacombs is in the graveyard at the beginning.
5 years ago#8
Thanks. How do I enter it? Do I need to beat it?
5 years ago#9
I dont think i need to be here yet just got 6000 souls from the first boss of the place lol. i might need to back tarck a bit anyone have a idea hwre i should go next?
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