So what the hell do you do about poison?

#1cabcalloway1983Posted 10/4/2011 11:47:44 PM
Beat the Taurus demon then hauled ass to the stairs on the dragon bridge and follow along to get to Undead Parish but i get poisoned by the dam rats on the way every time and it never goes away...what do i do?
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Run like hell to the nearest Bonfire XD


At the garden place, there's these tree mobs that drop flowers that heal poison, but you'll be well past the rats by that time lol.
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#3HousetekPosted 10/4/2011 11:49:27 PM
lure them out one by one and dont get hit by them... obvious answer but if you absolutely cannot avoid being hit by rats there is a merchant in the lower area that sells moss that cures poison.
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Don't get poisoned.. Seriously, I don't think you're supposed to survive that crap without an antidote, which I haven't seen one of yet. I kill them without getting hit fairly easy by stopping at the door way, equipping a battle-axe (I rekon a spear would work even better!) in 2-hand mode, and just R2ing when they approach. You outrange them by alot, so you should 1-shot kill them before they can even have a chance to attack. You may have to back off to regenerate some stamina by the 3rd one, but by then you can just shield block+kill it easily since it's just the last one.
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Hope you either have a ton of drinks left in your flask to heal or have antidote. That is about all you can do. But seriously... just lure the rats out one by one.
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For regular poison, the purple moss balls cure it. Poison is the icon with a purple teardrop. For toxins, you need the blooming moss with white flowers. Toxin's icon looks similar but the teardrop is black. You likely won't see toxin until you hit Blight Town.
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