When can you sell stuff?

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5 years ago#1
I'm at the taurus demon at the moment. I have so much crap in my inventory, how soon till I get to a merchant that buys stuff?
5 years ago#2
Way, way later when an NPC appears who can eat your items for souls. Conversely you get access to a bottomless box earlier and can chunk yer crap in there until that time.
Isis Moriendo Renascor~
5 years ago#3
I'm just about to tackle bell tower gargoyles and I'm asking the same question. The worst part got bored of my melee guy so started a pyro I've had every good drop for str builds ie 2h mace tut boss 2h axe from turous(can't spell it) guy and I wanna cash in lol
"I got your back like a butt crack!"
psn user Darth_Eastman
5 years ago#4
Once you ring the second bell and return to firelink shrine
5 years ago#5
Right on. Thanks.
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