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4 years ago#1

how the **** do i kill this thing? it doesn't even give me an opportunity to attack! i either get smacked by its tale thing or stuck in its lava.

4 years ago#2


i can't believe this board moves this fast even at 1:25 am

4 years ago#3

*sad face*

4 years ago#4
You just have to time it well. I just attacked when it did the long lava pukeing.

Also be human and summon that NPC right outside the door. She is dumb as hell but can take hits for a little bit.
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4 years ago#5
are you a melee character?
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4 years ago#6


4 years ago#7
Wait till she does the back and forth lava spray and you can get some solid hits, other than that just back away from her and avoid the lava.
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4 years ago#8
if you're melee, constantly circle-strafe and doge her attacks. wait until she starts spewing lava, then run in and smack her. you can also hit her legs to damage her.

basically, continuously do this 'til she's dead. make sure you don't trap yourself in lava either. try and keep it contained.

when she crouches down, run away. she's going to to an AoE roar.
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4 years ago#9
Wait until it rears to spew lava, move around to its side, hack it a few times and be ready to run away if it's going to do the explosion thing. That's...it. This is actually one of the easier bosses. I don't say that to be mean, but man you're going to have a rough road ahead.
4 years ago#10
get in close. STAY CLOSE. circle around try to stay about at the midway point of her body.
Most her attacks should simply pass over you.

most importantly if you see her rear up RUN!!!!!
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