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5 years ago#1
Im trying to fight Seath but he just keeps insta cursing me cause my curse resistance is only 30, is there any equipment like a ring and whatnot to raise my curse resistance and if so where can i obtain.
5 years ago#2
Humanity naturally increases curse resistance it seems, and if you equip the gold trimmed gear from the Demon Ruins, you get some good resistance defense across the board.
5 years ago#3
yeah that gold seems to be choice for archer/melee

casters i'm not sure what im going to wear (and wow caster is so underpowered vs the other classes this time around)

humanity does curse and item find but also leaves you invadeable
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5 years ago#4
You can also buy a Curse Resistance Ring/Miracle from the Guardian in New Londo Ruins.
5 years ago#5
IIRC, Gold Hemmed has great resistance for everything BUT curse.

This is just from memory, but I'm pretty sure even Knight armor has higher curse resistance than gold hemmed.
The Distant Blue
5 years ago#6
Crimson Robes from Blight Town might be the ones with the Curse resistance.
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