Best magic weapon for a sorcerer?

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5 years ago#1
I am getting the hang of this game and keep going, but my drake sword isn't cutting it any more, its too weak, and upgrading it is really expensive plus it doesn't get much stronger. i am aiming to be a sorcerer and would like to know a good weapon to get and eventually upgrade to magic and maybe enchant. Also, where do I get the enchanted or magic ember or whatever is needed to make a magic weapon?
5 years ago#2
5 years ago#3
I'd also like to know please.
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5 years ago#4
Several weapons scale to an A with magic. An Enchanted Great Scythe, enchanted club and great club, enchanted murakumo, and a few others. If you don't want to worry about blacksmithing, the sword you get for cutting Seath's rear tail has a scaling of A as well.
5 years ago#5
Thanks, where can i get some of them?
5 years ago#6
5 years ago#7
Doe anyone know what "normal" weapons, such as the Longsword and the Estoc, have as their grade for scaling with magic if you upgrade them?
5 years ago#8
For the weapons I mentioned,

Great scythe is in the catacombs,

the large club come from infested barbarians in Blighttown,

the regular club comes from the undead merchant in undead burg

murakumo comes from Giant Skeleton Swordsmen, or Shiva if you kill him.

Note: most of these have high strength requirements.

as for longsword and estoc,

Estoc has a B in magic

Longsword has an A (I didn't list all A's earlier).

Solaire's sword when made enchanted also has an A
5 years ago#9
Hmmm...I've been upgrading the Estoc. Perhaps I should have upgraded the Longsword instead.Thanks for the detailed reply.
5 years ago#10
so youve got the drake sword thnx to some youtube video or whatever to help you out, now your next problem rises that it loses effectiveness and u jump straight to the help of others.

maybe left4dead is for you? ;)
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