Valley of drake's to Blighttown??

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How i just entered Valley of Drakes and i'm tryin to get to Blighttown where do i go plz help thx.

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To get to Blight town just simply hug the left wall from the valley of the drakes and just run past all the enemies. The area should be in the 2nd cave to the left past the bridge. (though don't go on the bridge as that will lead you to the wrong direction towards firelink shrine.)
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You have to fight the zombie dragon.
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The blue dragon? thx by the way

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If you have the master key, you can go New Londo > Drakes > Though a tunnel with 3 fattys into blighttown.
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Well, you dont have to fight it. You can just run by it pretty safely, even after it's awake. In any case, he can go in to blight town, grab the londo ruins key, then go back out, cross the little wooden plank and unlock the lift to londo ruins. Then he can get there safely from Firelink without bothering with the dragon.
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No the zombie dragon is big and grey. Th blue dragons aren't so bad since they can kill themselves.