Undead Asylum Return?

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5 years ago#1

I don't know how to get back there to get the doll. Can anyone help me im lost?

5 years ago#2
the raven in firelink, you know...the one that took you away from the asylum in the first place?
5 years ago#3
When you unlock the elevator in the church where you ring the first bell it will take you to Firelink Shrine. On the way down you will see a platform you can roll on to before you reach the bottom. Roll unto the platform and you will be in a spot that leads to a birds nest. Make sure you grab a key on a dead body of one of the roofs before going.

You will see a birds nest and you have to ball up and let the bird take you back.

You need the key to get the ring of iron but not the crest shield.
5 years ago#4

gvandale8 posted...
the raven in firelink, you know...the one that took you away from the asylum in the first place?

Yes because CLEARLY all you need to do is simply walk up to the bird and ask it nicely to take you back. Seriously, do you HAVE to be such a dick?

As previously stated, take the elevator up to the parish and roll onto the top part of the ruins that you'll see in the opening. Then, follow the right to a cliff. You'll be able to roll/jump from there onto one of the butresses of the larger ruins where the raven is. Follow the butress up and you'll find stairs and such. Follow them till you find the birds nest, then curl up in a ball and wait 30 seconds.

Also, while you're up there you should grab a key that's on the roof of one of the buildings, you'll probably be able to tell which one once you're up there.

5 years ago#5

Thanks guys now im having trouble finding the painting lol. I went in a room with a bunch of paintings but I cant go in them.

5 years ago#6
I remember the first time curled up as a ball and waited 10 seconds before i said "**** this" and continued on with my game lol. I thought it did nothing.
5 years ago#7

Bump anyone know where the painting is? I hate running around in circles looking everywhere:P

5 years ago#8


5 years ago#9
I haven't read through the topic, bit if you're talking about what I think you are, it's in Anor londo, in the giant room with the white robed fighters. I believe it's the big one on the back wall.
I need to return some video tapes.
5 years ago#10
where is the key at the asylum? for the locked door
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