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5 years ago#1
How do I activate the elevator in Firelink above where that lady is praying? I saw a video that said I have to go to the church first but I don't know how to get to a church.
5 years ago#2
Head up the cliff to the Undead Burg. Continue that path until you get to the church, then take the elevator inside back to Firelink and it will be forever open to you both ways.
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5 years ago#3
The lift you're talking about is the one that leads to the Depths / Blighttown. You just need to stand on the button in the centre to activate it.

The lift to the upper right of the Way of White cleric is activated through the church in the Undead Parish.
5 years ago#4
is this the church where I fought the gargoyles?
5 years ago#5
Yes, that's for the lift from the WoW cleric to the Parish.

The Firekeeper, Anastacia, is the lady praying. She is above the lift to The Depths.
5 years ago#6
oh wow finally found it, can't believe I've gone through so much without activating that lift.
5 years ago#7
There's a lift to Blight Town? Can anyone tell me where this is? I've looked around but can't seem to find it anywhere. This would save a ton of time going back and forth!
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5 years ago#8
Blight Town lift is not that hard to find, I actually stumbled upon it before going up against the Queen, but I think you need to have used the short cut to begin with to access it. Unless you went through the Valley of Drakes.

-From Blight Town: From the bonfire in the swamp, hug the wall to your right, until you see a water wheel. It is like an elevator, from there keep climbing up. At the top, there is a chest with the key on your right. Go through the corridor/tunnel , you arrive at the Drakes. Cross the bridge, turn left, open door, and voila, elevator. It takes you to New Londo start area, just take the lift back to firelink.

Of course, with like 2 spiders and 3 fatties in between all that. As well as poison dart shooting enemies that you might want to clear out as there is some good loot there about.
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5 years ago#9
Thank you. I feel dumb now, as I was right at the entrance to Valley of the Drakes coming from Blight Town. I decided not to go that way, unfamilliar with the area, and ran all the way back through the Depths and the tunnel connecting Firelink and Undead Burg.

That is very helpful info!
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