What to do with Quelaag's soul

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5 years ago#1
I looked at Wiki, doesnt say what i can do with it. i heard the Sword you make is crap but i dont even know how to mak it lol.

Help please.
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5 years ago#2
You can either make the chaos blade or the fury sword
5 years ago#3
If you intend to use it for the souls feed it to Frampt, that'll get you 2,000 more souls than consuming it yourself will get you.
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5 years ago#4
which is best? and how do i make them?
PSN: Kyero
Dark Souls Name: Vahan
5 years ago#5
actually you can just consume it
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5 years ago#6

you can also forge the chaos blade

I made the furysword because it looks so awesome when you swing it
5 years ago#7
A falchion/scimitar/etc. curved weapon+10 will make Quelaags furysword, an incredibly powerful fire weapon.

an Uchigatana/Iaito/Washing pole+10 will make a Chaos Blade, a powerful weapon that eats 20 of your health per swing.

The Quelaags Furysword looks amazing, and has a good wide angle move set. It also glows with fire as you swing it. Both weapons scale damage with humanity.
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5 years ago#8
The Furysword is quite good.
5 years ago#9
okay heres the big question...

is it better than Drake Sword with 0 Humanity

I've been killing all these bosses with this crap and im tired of it :( either this or Halibard+10 which ever is better than Drake Sword.
PSN: Kyero
Dark Souls Name: Vahan
5 years ago#10
Yes, it is. Also, it uses Demon Titanite to upgrade, which you likely have a lot of.
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