Lautrec armor

#1ChupacabrabraPosted 10/18/2011 1:01:28 PM
Ok, i have seen people saying that the armor is pretty bad but uhh..why?
The stats are on par with the elite knight armor which is also pretty good.
Granted it is a bit annoying to upgrade, but the looks more then make up for it.

Am i missing something?
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#3Da1N02Posted 10/18/2011 1:06:39 PM
I sold it to that NPC for souls lol.. I didn't want that armor on my character anyway... Believe they are worth 3000-5000 souls a piece IIRC
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#4Viper114Posted 10/18/2011 1:07:02 PM
It's not that it's bad, it's just that at that point, you should be able to get your hands on better.
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Eh, it's not really bad. There are much better sets out there though. Paladin comes to mind.
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