How do I get to the depths?

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5 years ago#1
5 years ago#2
Go left from inside where you fight capra demon.

There will new a door with stairs going down.
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5 years ago#3
... I can't recall f I fought this capra thing... I'm asking this because I'm stuck at the garden and want to try depths, not sure if it is a good idea but it may be an easier area...
5 years ago#4
On the bridge before the red dragon there is a door that leads down. need basement key from right after the portcullis in the undead parish.
5 years ago#5
Capra is in the basment of undead parish. You get the basement key in front of the church a bit after the armored boar.

The basement door is by the red dragon bridge.
SC2/PSN ID : MayorMcCheez
5 years ago#6
tks, Know I remember that locked door... will try right now..
5 years ago#7
Before entering the Capra Demon's room, look right and see a staircase leading down.

Near the bottom of the stairs, you'll see a "thief" enemy... but even if you shoot him with an arrow, he won't attack. This is because he's baiting you to go up and fight him - there's another one hiding around the corner. Ironicly, this means you can stand on the stairs and just kill him with a bow.

After killing those two enemies, you'll keep walking to find a door on the right, a stairway on the left and a body with a soul crushed under the gate on the end.

The door on the right leads to the Depths (you need a key to enter... and no, no the Master Key).

The stairway on the left leads to a tower with a zombie archer, so kill him. Keep going up and you'll find a door. Open the door and you'll find you're back in the upper area of the Undead Burg in the tower leading up to the Taurus Demon.

Of course, if you haven't killed the large knight with the giant club, he'll be waiting for you when you open the door.
5 years ago#8
thanks, about the knight with the club, I killed one but not sure if we are talking about the same guy... he was guarding a door to the Darkroot Basin right next to where hydra was...

Hope it is the same, I'm not in the mood to fight another of those beasts he was OHKO me a few times until I managed to to defeat him...

Then again... I guess that this game always put you in that position... lol
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