Good early game weapons?

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5 years ago#1
Besides astora's sword, what are some other good weapons that are quick to get to right after the asylum? Something without too much stat investment. I'd use astora's sword but I'd rather not put 6 points in faith just for that weapon. Thanks.
5 years ago#2
Other than the drake?
5 years ago#3
The drake and Josh sword
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5 years ago#4
You don't have to put in the Faith to use the Sword. It works fine without it. It'll even kill the Skeletons in the Catacombs that keep coming back to life, until you find the Necromancer that's ressurecting them.
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5 years ago#5
Wow, completely forgot about that. Any others though?
5 years ago#6
Drake sword
Winged Spear

Those are pretty much the easiest ones to get also if you don't feel like buying 100 arrows to get the drake sword go watch the the youtube video for the speed run he shows a different faster way to get the sword.
5 years ago#7
Winged spear, estoc, uchi, morning star...
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5 years ago#8
Estoc is pretty good, moveset has pierce and slash attacks, it is pretty long, and since it is a rapier you can attack while blocking.
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