Claymore or Uchigatana - Cant decide HELP

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5 years ago#1
so... pros n cons for both? i havent tried the uchi yet but it looks very promesing on vids.

im a pyro so i dont have int, res, faith and very low dex (currently only 10)

PVP is what im aiming for atm...
5 years ago#2
I don't really like the uchigatana, i prefer furysword and bastard sword. I suggest you play around with their movesets on lesser enemies and decide for yourself
5 years ago#3
I love the uchi but stopped using it for washing pole, never tried the claymore
Karma, Truth, Vengeance
5 years ago#4
washingpole needs to much dex and strg.. i dont think i will put that much on those stats... is the moveset same on uchi and washing pole?
5 years ago#5
Washing pole has bad scaling unless you go Enchanted or Occult or you can go Lightning/Fire with it.
Always know your endgame before you lift a hand.
5 years ago#6
pole I believe has the same move set as the uchi. Its just twice the length and kills nonstop lol. I loved the iaito and uchi, if they fix dex ill use my +15 uchi again as I have 84 dex
Karma, Truth, Vengeance
5 years ago#7
The washing pole and Uchi have the same moveset, but the washing pole is larger making it generally more useful. The uchi is slightly faster though. I personally would go with the claymore if you don't plan on investing much in stats, just because it hits harder, isn't much slower, and has very wide swings, great for hitting rolling opponents.
5 years ago#8

i like ucigatanas- have- fire 8, magic 9,ocult 9,lightning 5.If i hold it 2 hands-brakes guards easy.Could not find better weapon number of swings/ total damage.Claymore bit to slow for me-like R1 swing -for pvp fog ring

5 years ago#9
okej sweet, ill stick to claymore and ill test uchi out when the time is right or if i get bored of claymore :)
5 years ago#10


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