greatsword question

#1shadowhippo1986Posted 11/7/2011 11:01:55 AM
I was just wondering if there was a way to swing the great swords any faster? I have the wieght of armor and weapon under half the total wieght so my character moves ast with heavy armor and such, but he still swing the sword slow
#2MekibosPosted 11/7/2011 11:02:44 AM
Do you have the stats to wield it properly?
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#3EisePosted 11/7/2011 11:02:50 AM
That's just the weapon's moveset. That's the price you pay for its greater attack power.
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#4Pujos_PLPosted 11/7/2011 11:03:12 AM
It is rumoured that strengh increases the swing speed but it was never confirmed.

Except that, no.
#5JacknicklsonPosted 11/7/2011 11:03:12 AM
Thats the way they work. High damage but slow swing speed

You might be better fit for a katana or curved sword
#6lost_ariesPosted 11/7/2011 11:03:45 AM
You get used to it. Good news is if you max it out, depending on the branch, you can do crazy high damage and stagger lock players so the slow aspect doesn't really hinder your battle capabilities overall.
#7shadowhippo1986(Topic Creator)Posted 11/7/2011 11:04:14 AM
yeah i have been leveling up to havce the requiements for the weapon but he still swings it slowly, its the greatsword of artorias
#8shadowhippo1986(Topic Creator)Posted 11/7/2011 11:05:31 AM
oh ok thanks everyone
#9ParryACOPosted 11/7/2011 11:11:14 AM
Only requires 24 STR.

If you get the minimum STR for a weapon, you swing it at its natural swing speed.

So in a way, yes, STR does improve swing speed, but to a point.

After you get the normal attack animation for a weapon, that's all you'll get for weapon swing speed.

Top it off; Greatsword of Artorias has a pretty fast swing.

You want slow; try playing with either Dragon Tooth or one of the ultra greatswords.
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#10ElfergosPosted 11/7/2011 11:20:23 AM
Pujos_PL posted...
It is rumoured that strengh increases the swing speed but it was never confirmed.

Except that, no.

Its a shame there wasn't a slight difference in stance or attack speed/animation if you got high enough in a specific attribute, but I guess that would entail programming for a whole other moveset for every type.