Rapier and Shield Turtle PVP Tips?

#1Vapid_ZeroPosted 11/17/2011 2:02:59 PM
I was playing in the kiln last night and actually encountered a guy using a rapier and shield. I had no real way to address it intelligently, couldn't guard break him since he'd flip away immediately, couldn't get behind him since the turtle stab is very non-committal and has fast recovery frames.

The fight took like ten minutes, he simply only attacked when he was just barely in range or after blocking, but he eventually just wore me down and defeated me. Anyone have any ideas on how to approach this sort of fight? I haven't had much experience against it so I haven't had much of any time to experiment against it. I'd love to hear some hypothesis on dealing with this combo.
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#2SymphonicRainPosted 11/17/2011 2:03:57 PM
Keep a shotel handy.
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#3NightSODPosted 11/17/2011 2:04:31 PM
throw dung pies at him and use a bleed weapon
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#4LockeDaemonfirePosted 11/17/2011 2:04:44 PM
I usually pack a shotel or combustion or something for people with shields. Or maybe just elemental weapons, at least you'll put some damage in.
#5skeith092Posted 11/17/2011 2:04:50 PM
Kick, with caution, again and again.

or, you know, hit him enough times until he either rolls or staggers.
#6Yian YanPosted 11/17/2011 2:04:55 PM
TWoP! Yup. That's how it should be done. . . >_>

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#7Vapid_Zero(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2011 2:05:24 PM
I hope there is more to it than simply using the shotel, or I'll have to craft up one for this very obscure setup >___>
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#8HawkproPosted 11/17/2011 2:05:26 PM
Poise + R1 spam = win. Or if you have a shield you can deflect his pokes and he'll stagger for a second for you to get him in a chain combo.
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#9skeith092Posted 11/17/2011 2:05:53 PM
oh, and take off your lock-on so that you can strafe around him for a pivot backstab.
#10D_RocksPS3Posted 11/17/2011 2:06:19 PM
SymphonicRain posted...
Keep a shotel handy.


Or kick him a couple times to drain his stamina then hit him with your weapon until shield breaks then get a hit in. Seriously nobody knows that kicks are a crucial part of PvP, especially for turtles.