Confused about the Pyromancer and Intelligence

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So I was going to start a new game in Dark Souls and was searching the web for Pyromancer builds, but I'm confused. Some people say intelligence is useless, but some people say that intelligence is the main stat for Pyros. I would have assumed it would be pretty important, but more people seem to say it's useless. Can anyone clarify for me?

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INT is not necessary for pyro, only an upgraded glove. You can buff pyro with the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and the Dusk Crown, though the item descriptions say they buff sorceries.
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It doesn't affect your pyromancy spells at all. The only thing that does is upgrading your pyromancy glove. The int is just if you want to use sorceries.
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None of your stats affect Pyromancy. The only thing that makes your Pyro spells stronger is upgrading your Pyromancy Flame.
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So what's a decent PvE build for a Pyro?

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Pyromancy is ONLY affected by your flame which can be improved to +15, ascended, then improved to ascended +5. It can also be improved with certain items like Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (apparantly).

The ONLY thing that INT affects as related to pyromancy is the melee damage of the pyromancy hand itself. It does not affect the damage of the spells.
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The only stat that means anything for a Pyromancer is Dexterity. Increasing your DEX increases your cast speed from what I hear. Since that is one of the biggest downfalls of Pyro, I'd suggest pairing Pyro with a Dexterity build.
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Samurai-JM posted...
It can also be improved with certain items like Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring (apparantly).

I've tested and confirmed that the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring does indeed increase Pyro damage. It also stacks with the Dusk Crown. Haven't tested all the sorcery-boosting items, but I can also confirm that the Crown of the Dark Sun (Gwyndolin's set) does not boost Pyro.
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