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5 years ago#1
What is Lautrec the Embraced's reason for killing Anastacia? Is he collecting Fire Keeper souls?

I ask because I find it strange that I can only keep one of each "named" soul in my inventory at any one given time. It makes me wonder if there could be a purpose/easter egg associated with carrying them around and not using them.
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5 years ago#2
I think the main theory that's been thrown around is that Lautrec's goddess, whose name I don't remember, is a covenant in his world. Like with Kaathe and Quelaag's sister, leveling up that covenant requires humanity. Firekeeper souls give tons of humanity, and she was just a crippled, mute girl sitting there, so she was ripe for the picking.

Alternatively, he did it to bait people into invading him so that he could kill them and farm their humanity, then take her soul and use it before giving to his goddess.
5 years ago#3
Ummm... does From explain *anything* in this game???

I love the mythos and the implication styel of storytelling - but this is ridiculous...

Demons Souls was better because story was irrelevant... this has an excellent and more well-developed plot... that is never explained in much detail and is absolutely full of holes.

Lautrec... well, some say he serves the Goddess Fina. Others say he was an Ex-Sunbro. Others say he was heading to Anor Londo on the same quest as you...

Who the heck knows? Maybe From could give us a half-hearted explanation and follow it up with an interpretive item description...

I mean seriously... give us a damn lorebook in the game or shut up about "stuff" - it is like an anime series that got started mid second season with no backgrounding...
5 years ago#4
To me a plot hole is when there is no reasonable explanation for how an event occurred or why a character took a particular action. When a character could have multiple possible motives for an action it's not a plot hole, it's just leaving something to the imagination.
5 years ago#5
According to the literary industry... a plot-hole is any point of a story that is left unexplained because the writer did not bother to explain it... so it does not add up.

I love the DS story - there are many elements that do not make sense because it has not been explained well enough.

Most people finish this game but cannot explain the plot, who people are, how gods came to be, how humans came to be, the dark secret, the pygmy, and what Gwyn is reallly using to sustain the First Flame.

So... yah... coupla holes...

Great stuff though, dripping with originality and development compared to DeS... they just needed to give more writing and dialogue than that if they were to have a more comprehensible story.

They literally hide parts and obfuscate others...
5 years ago#6
Has anyone reading this thread tried carrying a full set of Fire keeper souls(or any at all) when invading lautrec? does his dialog change?

Also, what does the description for the Fair Lady's soul read? I can't remember and I can't find it online.
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5 years ago#7
Didn't you have to use the sketch command at least once for a story point?
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5 years ago#8
It corrupted my save on FF3 and set me back 40 hours. When people complain that modern games are unplayable due to glitches it just makes me think about that and sigh.
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5 years ago#9

I'm still looking for that description, if anyone has it........
Do not, under any circumstance, ever use the Sketch command.
5 years ago#10

Others say he was an Ex-Sunbro. 

he might have killed a sunbro member

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