What is the recommended order to visit areas

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What is the recommended order to visit areas:

Undead Burg --> Undead Parish --> Lower Undead Burg --> The Depths --> Blighttown --> ...

Undead Burg --> Undead Parish --> Lower Undead Burg --> Darkroot Garden --> Darkroot Basin --> ...

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I like the second way with just the garden first for the free moss you get to help you in Blighttown, also before blighttown revisit the Undead Asylum for the Rusted Ring... helps you traverse better in the water and the area itself won't seem so dragged out in the swamps.
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1. Kill Gargoyles in Undead Chapel.
2. Use shortcut to Blighttown swamp and kill Quelaag.
3. Defeat Iron Golem and Smough and Ornstein.
4. Glitch your way into the Kiln.
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I'm on a new playthrough and after defeating the gargoyles I took out the Moonlight Butterfly and got the divine ember and then went to the catacombs to get the Rite of Kindling. So far at no point have I really felt like I was exceeding my level, except maybe with the wheelie skeletons before the pushover who is Pinwheel.

This kind of leads to the question of what order of completion the developers had in mind. For example, it is obvious that they intend for you to face the Butterfly before Sif, not only because it's a pain to get to Sif the back way and expensive to get to her the front way, but because the enemies you face heading to the Butterfly are much less dangerous. Just compare the trees you fight on the way to the Butterfly to the ones up the ladder by the waterfall (the same ones in the zone with the forest hunters). Not to mention the mushroom men and giant cat monster things.
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I use this