Warping with Lord Vessel - spoilers

#1forgePosted 3/7/2012 9:23:35 AM
What determines which fires you can warp to? I can warp to 4 but I have friends that can warp to more.
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#2xXxHaVeNPosted 3/7/2012 9:30:07 AM(edited)
Only specific bonfires can be warped to.

Edit: Didn't explain very well sorry. Usually it's bonfires with covenants/firekeepers. They've just rested at bonfires that you haven't yet rested at. It's that simple.
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#3Oil_Rope_BombsPosted 3/7/2012 9:29:56 AM
You can warp to the important bonfires only. Just sit on them and it'll be added to your warp list.
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#4forge(Topic Creator)Posted 3/7/2012 9:30:47 AM
OK - what determines which ones can be warped to?
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#5aneed4peedPosted 3/7/2012 9:31:48 AM
There specific bonfires that you can warp to. You have to rest at those bonfires to unlock them as warp locations (once you've acquired the Lordvessel of course). Most are linked to covenants.

IIRC these are the ones you can warp to (SPOILERS MAYBE):

- Firelink Shrine
- Sunlight Altar (Warriors of Sun covenant)
- The Abyss (Darkwraith covenant)
- Gravelord Tomb (useless, unlocked after defeating Nito)
- Anor Londo Firekeeper's bonfire
- Darkmoon Tomb (Darkmoon covenant)
- Chamber of Princess (Princess Guard Covenant)
- Stone Dragon Ash Lake (Dragon Covenant)
- Daughter of Chaos (Chaos covenant)
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#6forge(Topic Creator)Posted 3/7/2012 9:32:27 AM
Oil_ I don't think that's correct. I have sat at fires and I still can't warp to them.
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#7RENNELSPosted 3/7/2012 9:35:47 AM
forge posted...
Oil_ I don't think that's correct. I have sat at fires and I still can't warp to them.

The ones listed above you can. After acquiring the LV, go sit at them.

Obviously you can't warp to the one you're already sitting at.