I feel a bit stupid....but pleasantly surprised

#1il_capitanoPosted 2/28/2011 4:45:06 PM(edited)
Hello everyone,i am a big fan of Demons Souls and used to post everyday in its board,i remember when the "spiritual successor" of the game was announced and everyone were all excited about it.

Not much details were available at that time,and i stupidly thought the new game was gonna be different just because it was confirmed that it wouldnt be named DS2,so it kinda....fell off from my mind.

Yesterday i was talking to a friend and found out that not only the "spiritual successor" of DS is called Dark Souls and not only it is being developed by the same company,but it also plays like it(or very similar) and it is coming out relatively soon!wow

Today i come to this board to search for more infos on the game,and what do i found out???that many of the good fellas from the DS board have "moved" here!

Theres too many to mention,and i am sure i will forget to mention someone:EWGF,ggdoom,jonvandamm,aneedforspeed,Godspoison,Yggdrasil,kuter...maybe sage Michotic too(although i have yet to see a post from him)?Some people i just remember from the DS board and with some i have shared fun moments in the game(ggdoom you still owe me a rematch!!!),but it's definitely great to see you again ^-^

Can't wait to slash some new demons and share the experience with you guys :-)

p.s.EWGF,you should go to Dark Souls official page on FB and post there your wishlist,you have got some good ideas and im sure the developers would look into it.

p.p.s i saw the trailer and now i cant wait,maybe it was better if i didnt knew about this game until the release date :-(
#2Mud_ChanPosted 2/28/2011 5:17:17 PM
*cough cough*

Well, welcome to the Dark Souls board. Expect lots of excitement and familiar names as we approach the release.
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#3il_capitano(Topic Creator)Posted 2/28/2011 5:31:44 PM
Hey Mud_Chan!

lol im sorry i forgot to mention you,but of course i remember you(although not sure if on DS board only,or in the game too,my memory is bad) :-D

It's good to see that everyone will move to Dark Souls,DS had a great community
#4SnakegearPosted 2/28/2011 6:40:00 PM
Probably don't know me, but welcome lol.
#5iceltPosted 2/28/2011 8:29:37 PM
Kinda envy the thought of not knowing for awhile, would make the wait muuuuuch less painful ;)
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#6JonvandammPosted 2/28/2011 10:34:47 PM
Welcome back bro. Good to see ya again! ^_^
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#7doutrinador666Posted 3/1/2011 2:15:59 AM

Sure, we share the pleasure, after all, despite its name try to hide it, it's indeed Demon's Souls 2.


#8KingofKHPosted 3/1/2011 10:17:24 AM
The name was changed because Demon's Souls is Sony exclusive. Dark Souls is Demon's Souls 2, make no mistake. And welcome.
#9iceltPosted 3/1/2011 10:31:22 AM
Beating a dead horse I'm sure, butttttt:

Hidetaka Miyazaki: From a creative standpoint, I'm glad that it's not a direct sequel and that we're calling it Dark Souls, which is a new game, simply because we don't have to be bound by the features, the game design, and the content of Demon's Souls.
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#10DuneManPosted 3/1/2011 11:06:51 AM
*places note on horse*
"Poor Guy"
*beats horse*

Legal issues, blah, blah, blah. XD
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