Healing Spell and...uh...spell healing.

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5 years ago#1
Since Healing Items are limited, will healing spells be more useful? In Demons Souls, they were basically ignored except for an early game character who didn't have a large stockpile of grass (aka temple knight before clearing 1-1). And if Healing Spells actually have an AOE effect (party healing?) then will "support" characters actually exist in this game? I wouldn't mind if they were still fairly slow to balance things out.

Also, what of MP recovery? I think there should be some sort of passive MP recover for everyone (keep it slow, like maybe Ring rate or +5 Crescent if you have a High Int/Mag) but only if MP recovery items are going to be scarce as well.
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5 years ago#2
Actually I see no problem, if healing items are limited I assume at 99% it's the same for mp recovery items.

Coop spells will be more useful though, there was only one in DS and it was useless (Resurrection).
5 years ago#3
they should make the ally-healing spell not look like soulsuck as well, lol
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5 years ago#4
Yeah, Relief was its name IIRC. As a healing spell it should have been some sort of healing aura for nearby teammates. That would have made things more interesting, since you'd have to stay somewhat close to the target(s) for the benefit to accrue.
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5 years ago#5
Well, they might not have healing spells, considering the emphasis on healing items being rare. I don't think they'd make MP more rare, considering that would just gimp sorcerers. Not to mention, super awesome healing spell would funnel people into all needing the healing spell. Don't count on healing spells, guys.
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5 years ago#6
Actually I'd be genuinely surprised if there wasn't some form of HP regeneration, whether from an item or weapon or spell.
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5 years ago#7
I doubt that one of the rare items will be a HP regen ring or something since HP regen in Demon Souls wasn't that useful outside of it being stacked (blessed wep+regen ring+ Regen spell)

Seeing as how we are immortals now, and hated by society instead of being worship as gods or deities. Well what use do we have for a flimsy healing spell?
5 years ago#8
Correction, HP regen was useless in PVP unless it was stacked. However, in the first gameplay cycle of DS HP regeneration was very useful, and balanced by the relatively slow rate.

I know people are all geared up to think of themselves as hardcore with Dark Souls. However, if healing items are truly limited to 3-6 uses, it will not create extra tension, but instead foster useless repetition as players will tromp back to camp to get more doses of healing juice before returning to where they were in a dungeon. That kind of approach would be extremely boring and serve to stifle interest in the game.

While healing is meant to be a burst of restoration in the middle of combat, and limiting its uses is perfect for PVP, enforcing a repetitive upkeep scheme for PVE would be boring. You can't even defend it; it is useless backtracking without benefit.
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5 years ago#9
If you return to campfire and the enemies respawn there will be no backtracking unless maybe if the penalties for dying are huge.
5 years ago#10
If enemies respawn the instant you return to camp, a fair number of people would just get bored and stop playing the game. When you first pick up the controller, it is quite likely that you'll get hit far more than 3 times. So if you only have 3 doses of healing, and the monsters respawn if you try to refill them, that makes for some boring Capcom-style repetition while you try to learn the game. That would drag down the game.
"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao
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