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5 years ago#1
Do you all think that the xbox version will have enough people to warrent a purchase?
I'm a guy that prefers xbox but not if I won't enjoy it because of too few invasions. What do you guys think? I own both systems. I prefer xbox for friends IRL / party chat.
5 years ago#2
Both systems will have enough people to warrant a purchase.

Pick whichever you're most comfortable with.
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5 years ago#3
While there will be plenty of people at launch on both systems I would go with ps3 since you will be able to play with people from japan and other places. Also i dont think they will allow party chat for xbox I think there was a article on it or something.
5 years ago#4
Thanks. Link if you have it? Even then they can't stop private chat, so i think.
5 years ago#5
You will be able to play with everyone on Xbox except Japan (because Dark Souls is PS3 only in Japan), just like every games. For the party-chat nothing is confirmed yet.

Tough choice, the PS3 community will be bigger so you will have more invasions and more players in the lifespan of the game, also it's the lead version (the game is ported from PS3 to Xbox). But if you prefer the Xbox and have friends on it... It's up to you to decide.
5 years ago#6
So DkS doesn't work on dedicated servers like in DS? You can play between different versions of it (NA, JP, AS, etc.)?
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5 years ago#7
yeah dark souls is going to be p2p.
5 years ago#8
i don't think there's a difference in the 2 consoles except the ps3s may look a bit prettier and have clearer sound otherwise same.
5 years ago#9

You can wait a little to see when Dark Souls appears in the preorder rankings.

Obviously most XBox people don't know or won't preorder and will buy only after the lot of 8.5+ reviews, but it there's too little preorders, you can get worried about it.

Demon's Souls today lacks this. It really is not that fun without lots of people playing it.

But sometimes it's worth just to play with your best friends. So it's your call...

If you want lots of online play, I'd go for PS3. If you want best friends coop, XBox.

(Yet, it can still sell more on XBox than PS3, as most game does)

5 years ago#10
Necromadius posted...
Both systems will have enough people to warrant a purchase.

Pick whichever you're most comfortable with.

Wtf!? Last thing I expected to see.
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