Occult (Magic) Weapons

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So I was taking a look through Mud_Chan's weapon upgrading chart a little while back (kudos for this, man), and I was interested to see this branch of weapons on them. Is there any information availiable on what this weapon branch scales off of? Does it deal raw magical damage in addition to physical damage? Or is it something else entirely?
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I'm sure as hell want to know all the effect of all upgrade.

But if they at least take after DS, Magic weapon and Divine weapon gonna do extra magic damage. Furthermore, the magic damage should scale off MAG (for magic weapon) and Faith (for divine weapon).

Again, we still need to wait and see Orz
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Occult and Enchanted aren't up yet where I'm checking.

Chaos was added to the JP wiki recently. Chaos has less damage at the start compared to Flame, but scales with your Humanity.
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Dune, Is there a way to translate the Japanese wiki through the browser? I can't make heads or tails of anything on them.
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Here you are, Ler.


This will translate the japanese wiki for you.
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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!