Weapon paths and their stat scaling

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5 years ago#1
Okay, so it appears that weapon upgrades are percentage based again. The following compares traits at the final levels of each upgrade:

Normal, up to +15: each upgrade adds 10% base damage, meaning 250% of the original value at +15, stat scaling is unchanged

Raw, up to +5: damage is ~8% less than Normal path, stat scaling is dropped to D/D (quick and easy alternative to +15 weapons, perhaps?)

Crystal, up to +5: damage is ~8% higher than Normal path, durability drops to 60, weapon cannot be repaired, stat scaling is unchanged (really trying hard to see a benefit to this path, and failing...)

Fire, up to +10: adds fire damage, stat scaling is removed

Lightning, up to +5: adds lightning damage, stat scaling is removed, damage is almost identical to Fire (i.e. Lightning +5 matches Fire +10)

Chaos, up to +5: ~16.5% less damage at first than Fire, but damage increases with humanity

Divine, up to +10: adds magical damage that scales with Faith, stat scaling is D/E/-/C, adds holy property

Occult, up to +5: a bit higher physical damage and ~9% less magical damage than Divine but with better Faith scaling, stat scaling is E/D/-/B, also adds evil property

Magic, up to +10: adds magical damage that scales with Intelligence, scaling set to E/E/C/-

Enchanted, up to +5: ~8% less magical damage but with better Intelligence scaling, scaling set to E/E/(B or A)/-

Twinking Titanite weapons, up to +5: also seem to follow the +10% base damage per upgrade model

Dragon Scale weapons, up to +5: also seem to follow the +10% base damage per upgrade model

Demon Titanite weapons, up to +5: seems to grant ~7.2% base damage per upgrade

Edit: Adding in armor upgrades
Armor, up to +10: each upgrade adds ~14.5% base defense, and ~0.3% for status ailment defense
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5 years ago#2
awesome ty
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5 years ago#3
So, uh... nothing for STR and DEX builds this time around? Odd.
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5 years ago#4
Hmmm, I'm tossing up between Divine and Occult now.. Good thing I'll have fun making lots of different characters to play with, so I'll test both out.

Thanks for the info.
5 years ago#5
Hmm, occult seems to be better than Divine then? Does the "Evil" property interact with a player's Humanity?
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5 years ago#6
I have no idea what i should upgrade lol. And you cant repair the crystal weapons? Odd........
5 years ago#7
I'm assuming the holy property is what prevents skeletons from reviving. Any other idea on what it could do?

Or what the evil property does?
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5 years ago#8
Does scaling improve for some weapons upon further upgrading?
5 years ago#9
Very nice! Thank you! :)
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5 years ago#10
Will holy/evil have bonuses and penalties versus enemies?

I can imagine holy being more useful against more things despite evil having a higher listed number.

I don't really know the souls universe, mind you.
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