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5 years ago#1

Ive been steamrolling(Dying 5000 times) through all the bosses up till now, and ive having trouble REACHING the hydra boss in the forest =[, ive killed the golems (bait them into the Tower, They cant get through the door), then i try going for the hydra, but the Water projectiles are too large and close together to dodge, i just get splattered and die =[, Shielding doesnt do squat.

5 years ago#2

Ive Been*

5 years ago#3
Running sideways help to spread the water up so that even if you do get hit. You'll likely survive. Hide behind tree and rock to block the projectile, but give yourself and the object some distance or the splash will still hit you.

You have to run to the lower right cotnoerof the land. Get into the pond a little so that the hydraulic changes his attack to melee lunges. From there, you have the battle won. Block the head lunge attacks, then counter with a couple hit each time.
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5 years ago#4

Thanks m8, ill go and try it, Albeit with alot more death otw.

5 years ago#5
The Hydra is very easy this what you need to do run in quickly get within its melee range then he will stop doing his splash attack and will start attacking you with its head which can be blocked easily, just block then hit its head til it dies.
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5 years ago#6
Have you tried just running straight at him? He will kill the golems with a combo of water jet and bites, so all you have to worry about is getting in the water as fast as possible. Since the hill has a down slope running and rolling straight at the projectiles is more effective than inching towards him.
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5 years ago#7

hmm, iam going to try your method of running straight at him...though i REALLY wish i kindled the fire above the blacksmith.

5 years ago#8
You could kindle the bonfire inside the cave its closer.
"Born to walk against the wind born to hear my name no matter where I stand I'm alone"
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