Insane boss at Sewers...

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5 years ago#1
How the hell am I supposed to kill that thing? that dragon, alligator thing >_> ffs
5 years ago#2
Its basically one of the very easiest bosses. >_>
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5 years ago#3
keep trying to get near his tail. combo him until he faces you again << repeat to death
5 years ago#4
wtf? I killed the gargoyles on my second try, and the dude with 2 dogs in my first, yet I'm already on my 5th try on this one.
5 years ago#5
His intimidation and power is the only thing making this boss difficult, that and the fact that he probably takes forever to kill if you don't have lightning powers or weapons.
Stay behind him and cut of his tail (nets you a nice item along the way) and then just stay behind him. Do NOT LOCK ON to him. This way you can quickly look up if he jumps.

Just stay behind him and don't get hit by his ground pound and be patient. He's not that hard.
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5 years ago#6
he just kills me with his tail... im about to O_O!!!!!!!!!!!
5 years ago#7
here's a note abot this game, if it has a tail, chop it off, you get loot.
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5 years ago#8
Like everybody else said, chop off his tail. Not only do you get a nice item, it makes the fight a whole lot easier (he can't tail whip you). Kinda reminds me of monster hunter.
5 years ago#9
Just got to this boss. I chopped of his tail and kept going for the head after his big slam attack. The only thing is I died by running off the waterfall. LOOK OUT FOR THE GODDAMN WATERFALL!
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