Getting healing miracles.....

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Can you get the healing miracle without joining a covenant, and if so where?
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I also wanna know
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I also was wondering this... also where else can you learn miracles besides firelink?
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anyone able to shed some light on this for us? :D
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Yes you can. Though you can't right away the guy who wants you to join the covenant at firelink will eventually stop asking you to join and will just sell you miracles. I do not know what actually makes him stop asking, but I believe he will stop after ringing the first bell in the church. After that I noticed he stopped asking and I went a bought the heal miracle. Of course there is the chance that he just glitched on my game, but he did sell me stuff without me having to join.
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thx! whats the name of the miracle that u can use to heal phantoms?
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Hmm, last night he wouldn't offer me to join the covenant, but he also wouldn't give me hthe option to buy off him. Is it because my attun is only at 8?
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