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Where can I get more sorcerer spells? *spoilers*

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5 years ago#1
Hey all,

trying to figure out where to get more sorcery spells.. I have been told the guy who sells them is locked up in the Undead Parish, and that I need a 'resident key' to free him. I've gone through the Undead Burg and the Undead Parish, I've rung the bell at the top of the tower, and seem ready for the next area. But so sorcerer spell vendor.

Can anyone please direct me to where he is?

5 years ago#2
hes in a house down near where you fight the carpa demon, on your way to the depths
5 years ago#3
Which one is the Carpa demon again?
5 years ago#4
he kinda looks like a goat and he has 2 sword/axe weapons. you fight him in a narrow area and just to make it more fun he has 2 dogs helping him. I think you need to kill the bell tower gargoyle to get the key to get to the area hes in but i might be thinking of something else.
5 years ago#5
Okay, just noticed I got the key, I was so jazzed that I beat those stupid gargoyles that I forgot to see what loot I picked up. Where does that key get used? Is it on the tower door at the end of the bridge where the Sun Knight is (and the dragon is on the other)?
5 years ago#6
yes, and dont forget to open up the door that lets you take a shortcut back to the bonfire in the undead burgs.
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  3. Where can I get more sorcerer spells? *spoilers*

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