for those who want to know how to get back to the undead asylum

#1darksoulscryPosted 10/6/2011 5:52:49 PM
alrighty at the very begining of the game if u look up u will c the raven u will need to have the elevators open to do this. alright u take the elevator up but not all the way. u walk off when u see a platform then u staring at the church u look to your right u will see a clearing u go over there then u aim urself at the nearest platform connected to the church u then jump/roll to it. (it may take a couple of tries to do this but once u do u walk up then u will travel up to the stairs until u reach the raven nest and u get the option to curl up in a ball u wait a good minute and the raven will take u back to the asylum! also im sorry if my explantion is bad wish i could show yall a vid
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also the enemys are tougher when u go back
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What are the advantages to returning there?
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awsome items got a bunch of awsome shard stuff havent explored it all yet