Chaos servant covenant rank 3 gives...nothing?

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5 years ago#1

So after about two hours of farming I finally have amassed the 50 humanity (80 total, previous 30 is from hitting level 2) to reach covenant level 3. The Daughter of Chaos says "Oh, thank you" and that's all that happens. The egg burdened next to her doesn't say or do anything new. All he does is talk about Quelana (witch of Izalith found in the swamp under blighttown) and how the daughter of chaos would enjoy her company.

I maxed out the catalyst Quelana gives you for raising the initial one to +15 (Quelana's maxes out at +5 it seems) and learned all of her spells, after which she says you no longer need her and she disappears. She isn't with the daughter of chaos nor is she at firelink.

So did I really just waste all of this humanity for nothing? Does anybody know if there is something that happens at level 3? I keep seeing messages saying "amazing armor" next to the dead end wall to the left of the daughter of chaos but as far as I can tell that wall will not budge. The only thing I can think of is that it opens up after killing the daughter of chaos but I'm not doing that, so any ideas?

5 years ago#2

bump? anyone?

5 years ago#3
Darkwraith Kirk's armor appears there after killing him 3 times
5 years ago#4

Ah, well that explains that. Still don't know what happens (if anything) for covenant level 3. :( Does nobody really know?

5 years ago#5
Is Quelana's pyro hand better than the default one at level 15?
5 years ago#6

Yeah, but barely. Maxed out at +5 it gives 270 magic adjust. Getting it to +5 took probably around 300k souls total. Not counting what it took to get the original to +15.

5 years ago#7
So its better to just keep the +15 original pyro hand?

And do you know where that rogue pyro disappears to? Trying to get the new pyro spells =/
5 years ago#8
So that Cov gives literally nothing aside from the chaos fireball spell? Thank you I grinded out 10 humanity and got a rank up with her, got nothing, I take it Rank 2 does nothing aswell? Also my egglayer guy caught a few too many arrows tot he face bofore I knew he was a merchant.

Where is Quelana at in the swamp? my pyromancer trainer decided to turn hollow in the swamp and i have no means of upping my FIST THATS BURNING RED past 4 now.
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5 years ago#9

At level 2 it gives chaos firestorm but so far it looks like level 3 does nothing, which I refuse to believe. Something must happena t level 3, otherwise why bother allowing the covenant to get to level 3?

As far as making the witch appear, you might have screwed yourself over. As far as I know, she only appears when your catalyst is at +10 and with both Laurentius (original pyro trainer) and the egg-burdened gone, you cannot level up the catalyst. You can see if she is there, shes sitting underneath one of the pillars in the swamp under blighttown, the one closest to the hill that leads to Quelagg.

Also, if you got infected with eggs and talked to the egg-burdened, he would have taught you poison cloud and toxic cloud.

5 years ago#10

According to the wikis...none of the covenants give anything at level is that possible?

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