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5 years ago#1

I'm not sure if it was already posted here, but in case anyone needs it:

5 years ago#2
5 years ago#3
I bet ya he gonna post a map that doesn't actually have 50% of the game's area..
5 years ago#4

Are you guys not seeing it or something?

5 years ago#5
Nothings here.
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5 years ago#6

Strange. It's there for me.

Well, here it is:http://i56.tinypic.com/y2cz.png

5 years ago#7
GameFaqs and Gamespot shares the forums. Gamespot has a linking feature, that when used, GameFaqs members are unable to see.
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5 years ago#8
Wiki map, makes sense

You know what a good map is? The one on the strategy guide
5 years ago#9

There's also this map but it's not really useful.


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