cure curse stone

#1jediblasterPosted 10/8/2011 8:37:44 AM
I am guessing these are 1 time use only? They are sure expensive early on at 6000 souls. Is there anything cheaper which would cure curse? I guess they are worth it if you get cursed though.
#2ultimakidPosted 10/8/2011 8:41:49 AM
There's one method I can think of getting 2 free.

The lift that leads you to the first bell tower, from Firelink shrine...drop down the side of the lift that isn't there.
Follow it through and there'll be 4 treasure chests. 1 has 4 cracked red orbs or whatever they're called.

Go back to the Undead Asylum and trade 1 of those cracked red orbs with Snuggly. (if you dunno how to do that you're gonna need a video tutorial or someone better than I at explaining). Snuggly gives 2 curse curing things for one of them I believe. The wiki says it's a Resist Curse Stone, but the translations are off and I honestly don't know the name of the curse curing item, lol.