True Straight Sword of Artorias build

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Hello folks,

I've tried searching for good info on this sword, and I keep coming across conflicting reports.

I want to build a character around the True Straight Sword of Artorias (is that name correct?). I assume that it is a straight sword, since it seems to require the Straight Sword Hilt and Broken Straight Sword both at +10.

I would like to know, from those of you who've used it:

Is it worth making a faith build to use it (it's scaling for faith is B right?)

What are the exact base stats (I've seen different answers on this)

What are the exact requirements?

Is it really any good?

I thought I had found some of this info on one of the wikis, but I cannot seem to find it again :(

NOTE: This will likely not be a PVP specific character. Just someone to level and have fun with, and help other folks out (you know, assuming anyone ever summons me... lol).

I remember doing the Blueblood build in ODS, I had tons of fun with it.

I await your information/opinions.
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Bump, <3
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i have it, its a great sword, not a straight sword
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Req: 24/18/20/20
Bonuses C/C/B/B
Base Damage at +5: 180 phys and 127 mag
Oh, and it lists holy property, so you can keep skeletons from reforming.

It is a large sword.

As for a build... Probably something like:
Vit - 50
Att - to taste
End - 40
Str - 24
Dex - 18
Mag/Fth - at least 30 each, primary damage stat higher if you focus on miracles or sorceries
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Thanks folks!
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Alrighty, so I've finally got my sword equipped (took a while to meet all of the stat reqs) and I have it at +4.

However, in Anor Lando it is hitting really weak 1h r1 swing, and the r2 swing is very tough to time (though I'm getting better). The damage really seems to be underwhelming, somewhere around 90-133 on the Silver Knights.

Does it scale better once I have my faith up? Should I have not bothered in the first place? Or do the creatures in Anor just have a resistance to Divine dmg?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)
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I forgot to mention, it is hitting really weak compared to my Zweihander +10. I'm hoping that the creatures are just resistant to its special damage.
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How much faith/int do you have?
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Occult Weapons > Artorias... It's kinda sad, the sword has such big requirements...