How to learn magic?

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5 years ago#1

I started off as a warrior and i am the dark root garden. i havne't learned any magic or miracles yet? Wht the hell do i do?

5 years ago#2
Level up intelligence till at least 10, find npc selling magic (fat guy in firelink and smith in new londo ruins for now, but you fill find other dudes later), buy a catalyst or talisman(magic wands), buy spells, attune magic in bonfire, and PEW WEW at your enemies :D! Hope that helped.
5 years ago#3
There is a NPC mage (that's trapped inside building and you can hear him through the door) in a lower town area of the Undead Burg. But you need a key to unlock him.

The key can be purchased for like 1000 souls from the merchant in the Undead Burg. Now bear with me since this might sound winded... I assume you have the bonfire which has the ladder, which leads to the bridge with the red dragon on it? if so then just go right from that bonfire down the small staircase and take a left to where there are 2 spear/shield hallow warriors. the merchant is there. =P

Hope that helped.

Anyway the NPC mage seels different levels of spirit arrow (i think thats what its called) and a few other spells.
5 years ago#4
forgot to mention the NPC mage area is the place with three demon dogs and the same area where the 3 assassin undeads pop out of the doorways to kill you. unfortunatly I cant remember exactly how to get there =/

P.S. This is also the only npc I've found that sells magic..... so far....
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