where to go after capra demon?

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User Info: QuitoTheOne

5 years ago#1
capra demon is dead an moonlight too(butterfly boss)

where is hte sewer level?
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User Info: ivory3333

5 years ago#3
i never fought the the butterfly boss, but after i killed thr capra demon the first time and got the key, as soon as you exit the capra demon room, there is a path to you left i think thats one where the last door is locked, open it and go through to enter sewer.
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User Info: PHoToS999

5 years ago#4
where's the butterfly? i've killed capra and the gaping dragon, and traveled far and wide, but not seen the butterfly boss.
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User Info: croda7

5 years ago#5
there's a locked door by the shortcut through the aquaduct back to firelink. you can unlock that door with the capra key and go into the depths
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User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#6
The Moonlight Butterfly is the boss at the end of Darkroot Garden...well, at the end of the easy part of the garden.
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