How to get to Ash Lake?

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5 years ago#1
Topic. I want to go there and kill the Hydra.
5 years ago#2
Blightown swamp, find a giant root of a gigantic tree you can walk on, reach dead end, attack wall, reach another dead end, attack wall again.

Go down through the Great Hollow. You'll be at Ash Lake at the bottom.
5 years ago#3
Ugh..not Blight Town again. I just went there again to get the Fire Keep Soul, that I missed, the first time.

This sucks.
5 years ago#4
Oh no. This doesn't suck. The Hollow sucks. Not only do you fall to your death for stupid reasons, but there are curse frogs there. And a lot of crystal lizards that will make you want to go for them, only to fall to your death on a stupid mistake.
5 years ago#5
Hope you've got good magic or arrows.

Alright, well, first thing's first, blight town. I recommend the path from the valley of drakes, and begin heading down. Try to find the swamp-level bonfire. Activate, rest to clear poison (or if you don't have it, rest anyway just to reset enemies).

Next is to turn to the outside, and hug the left wall directly outside of the bonfire. keep heading forward until you reach a root-like ramp that has a set of wooden steps and some firebreathers. There's a set of armor up there (Can't remember which, it was ignorable though if you're aiming for a feat like killing the hydra.) and you may be able to rest for a moment and dispel some poison.

Ignoring that root ramp otherwise, swerve around it and keep heading forward, hugging the left, you'll eventually reach another root ramp in the far back, no wooden steps on this one though.

You'll find a body up the ramp, containing either a wooden plank or twin humanities (Reports conflict, I had humanities, others find the plank). And hit the wall behind the man, if not directly behind him, begin swinging at the other walls for a secret path.

Find the path, and there's a chest containing the item that wasn't on the body (I got a wooden plank) and hit the wall behind the chest. (Again if you don't find it behind the chest, hit the walls surrounding it. You may not have enough reach on your weapon. I was using the great club found earlier in blighttown.)

Behind that second illusory wall, there's a bonfire. Rest. Praise the sun, and begin your descent into the great hollow. There are a few paths you can take, it looks rather daunting, but if you follow the main root you start on, you eventually hit a small ledge with a slightly-concealed ladder that leads the rest of the way down (At least to the half way point.) So whether you use that ladder or follow the roots (Via jumping) be wary of frogs that may chase after you.

So now you're on the midground, webby flooring. There are a few frogs here, and a lot of holes in the ground, your next goal is another ladder, keep running around the main tree trunk, and you'll find a hole with a ladder.

Begin climbing down that ladder, and take a quick glance around (Usually it's to your left) for a corpse with an item, head towards it, I believe the item was just a blue titanite piece. But the main point we needed that corpse was to mark the way down to the absolute bottom.

Now that you're near the bottom, you'll notice mushroom steps. Frogs are less down here, but you'll see mushroom kids, they tend to trip before reaching you, but hit you incredibly hard if you do manage to get hit without guarding. Follow the rather simple path down (It's one large root, and then a non-damaging drop to get on the mushroom path) and pray the mushroom parents are far enough away from you that they don't block your path.

Now that you're at the bottom, begin combing around for an exit, it's not a very large area, so don't be worried, and just make sure to avoid frogs and mushroom people.

Once outside, there's an extremely large ramp, a root intertwining with the glorious white sands of ash lake.

Once down that root, flip an immediate uturn heading to the right, for a painfully obvious bonfire, and then take a look around for the hydra...

Praise the sun, praise the everlasting dragon, and equip your bow, you're ready for a fight.
5 years ago#6
Frogs...not again...
5 years ago#7
The Frogs aren't all that bad in the Hollow. The areas you fight them in are much larger and more open than the ones in the sewers. Some even have a tendency to kill themselves. If you're really worried, head into the far side of New Londo and get the Curse Ring there. Later on, when you get blood shield from Ariamis along with the Cursebite you can literally stand in Curse until it fades from the air and not be affected.
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5 years ago#8
In the hollow, they tend to fall to their own death a lot. I believe I ended up with just over 4000 souls from walking down on my first trip.

Another thing I forgot to add are the enemies in ash lake. There are only some strange clam-like creatures. They have a shoving attack where they ram you, and deal around 500 damage to someone naked unguarding, There's also an interim tree between the great hollow and the everlasting dragon. It contains the Great barrier miracle, I believe it needs 24 faith to use.

I recommend hopping in on the dragon covenant leader (The everlasting dragon) and hacking off his tail, he is a god, what use does he have for it?

Pick up an ultra greatsword (My personal favorite weapon, it's the new dragon bone smasher.) and join the covenant if you'd like.
5 years ago#9
Thanks for the advice. I think I'll wait until I get that curse ring. I think I'm going to take on the Hydra of Darkroot Basin next, and then go to New Londo Ruins.

Is there anything there as frustrating as the archers or the bosses of Anor Londo? That about took all the patience I had. Fortunately, what I lack in skill, I make up for in perseverance.
5 years ago#10
The toxic boils that are enemies in the painted world might give you a run for your money if you aren't prepared for them.
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