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5 years ago#1
Literally 1 minute away from the first, i don't know if only, bonfire. Up the stairs after 2 blob guys, on the left there's a tower. Bottom of the tower are 2 white rats. Top of the tower i see a doorway across a hole in the floor, and i can't make the jump. There's a bit of floor to the right of it, but if i go there, it doesn't let me follow the beam to the door, and to the left there's some floor in the corner to stand to, but the door swung open is blocking me to jump into the doorway from that side.

Is there something good there for me to torment myself with trying to get to?
5 years ago#2
you can get there later on in the level, I forget exactly how
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5 years ago#3
ok i haven't been angry at the game once up until now, but now second house is the same deal, i see a sparky in a corner, and don't know how to get to it, fall every time. What's the mechanic i'm missing here, am i supposed to jump on the little beams that stick out of the wall, if i ever roll onto them i seem to fall off. If i can get to one i can get to the other, they're set up the same way. This is so rage inducing not being able to figure it out on my own.
5 years ago#4
backtrack a bit outside you ran past the path that leads to stairs up to the roof of that building. just mind the birds...
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5 years ago#5
nevermind, got the second one with just a regular jump, i'll wait til the end for the first one, thanks.
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