Invading other worlds

#1Kef_DSPosted 10/10/2011 7:13:24 PM
Hi guys. Decided to make a new account to hang out around here for the release of Dark Souls.

My question is:
- How are you supposed to invade worlds in Dark Souls?

I see that I currently have like 4 little rocks that supposedly let you invade other worlds. So that's it? You can only invade as a Black Phantom 4 times in this game? That can't be it. Do you get a stone like you did in Demon's Souls with unlimited uses?

I've been hearing bad things about the multiplayer in this game, why is it bad?
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You can use those stones to invade other peoples worlds while human. Also by joining certain covenants you can get access to stones that can be reused to invade other peoples worlds. Although a lot of people will tell you that it never connects and the stones are worthless as they can never invade I never really had a problem with it.
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How much humanity do you need to invade other worlds, I got one and it doesn't give me the option.